We offer CCD classes for children and RCIA for adults that wish to do the sacraments. For more information, please call the rectory.

RCIA. The Rite Of Christian Initiation for Adults

Invites people to learn more about becoming Catholics and full reception of the sacraments.

Sponsor Requirements for Confirmation Godparent

These are the requirements for sponsoring a child:

  1. To be at least 16 years old; to be single or married thorough the Catholic Church.
  2. To have received the three Sacraments (Baptism, Communion, Confirmation).
  3. To attend mass weekly and approach the sacrament of communion frequently and reconciliation regularly.
  4. To be registered parishioner at least 2 months before the required date. The church only allows 1 (one) sponsor for Confirmation.
Religious Education 2018 - 2019 

Sept. 16: Orientation for parents: Sunday classes (9 AM - 10 AM) & (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM)

Sep. 17: Orientation for parents: Monday classes (6 PM - 7 PM)

Sep. 19: Orientation for parents: Wednesday classes (6 PM - 7PM)

Sep. 21: Orientation for parents: Friday classes (6 PM - 7PM)

Sep. 27: Orientation for parents of RCIA students (6 PM - 7 PM)

First Day of Class

Sep. 23: First day of Class. Sunday (ENG 8:45 AM) & (ESP 10:30 AM)

Sep. 24: First day of Class. Monday (6:00 PM)

Sep. 26: First day of Class. Wednesdays (6:00 PM)

Sep. 28: First day of Class. Friday (6:00 PM)